“There’s always room for one poem…”

Back in November, I did an interview with the lovely Dorine Jennette for the January/February 2011 issue of Poetry Now, the publication of the Sacramento Poetry Center.

This week, it’s finally out! And though I haven’t yet gotten my hands on a print copy, I wanted to share the link to the Issuu edition, since lots of folks have been asking about it. (The interview runs on pp. 13-14.)

Dorine asked some really great questions that I genuinely enjoyed thinking about with her–about how I relate to the spatial world as a poet, what the deal is with the way I use colons, how the idea for One by One was born, and what perspective I have on integrating body and soul as a working artist. Like all interviews, it had to be edited significantly for page space (I just edited an interview last weekend from 10,000+ words to 1500!)–look for a followup post with some additional bits from the full transcript.

Thanks, Dorine, for making this happen! This conversation was a real highlight this fall, and I hope that it gets people thinking about their own relationships with poetry.



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