Art of Regional Change seeking poems for CCNP Restore/Restory project

This one is for the (past and present) poets and writers of the Cache Creek Nature Preserve workshop community.

The Art of Regional Change program at UC-Davis, which is producing a multimedia community history of the Cache Creek Nature Preserve site (titled Restore/Restory), is looking for a few poets interested in contributing to one of the upcoming project Story Days at the Preserve on April 8 & 15.

If you’ve participated in the WIR program workshops anytime since their inception, you’re eligible to participate. Participants will be visiting the Preserve on one of these afternoons to record their original work for incorporation into the audio tour portion of the project. (The finished version of this audio tour will be available both on the finished project website, as well as on iPods available at the Preserve for future visitors.)

As you all know, CCNP has the distinction of being home to the only conservancy-sponsored public arts program in the country. A community history of the Preserve would not be complete without some of the writing that the Preserve’s creative citizens have produced over the years, so we hope that some of you will contribute.

If you’re available to record your work at the Preserve on one of the upcoming Story Days, and you have produced work at or about the Preserve that touches on the official focal themes of the Restore/Restory project (Native American land use; Mexican land grant/settlement; agriculture & ranching, mining, restoration, geology, migration, water, place names, education at the Preserve, legislation, or Preserve history) please drop me an email (at by next Friday, March 25 to indicate your interest in participating. Please include in the body of your email up to five poems related to these focal project themes. I’ll be reading all work and sending a final narrowed batch on to ARC the following week.

Questions? Please post them in the comments.


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