A change in plans, or: an evenings-with-our-authors benefit for Japan with Liza Dalby

I’m sorry to announce that Brenda Miller isn’t going to be able to join us on May 1  for our second evenings-with-our-authors event as planned – unfortunately, the cancellation of the UCD-Extension Words in Bloom conference means that her plans to come to the area that week were upended. (Brenda sends her apologies, and promises she’ll be in touch once she’s scheduling the tour for her new book at the end of this summer.)

But I’m really happy to announce that Liza Dalby, author of the memoir-in-seasons East Wind Melts the Ice, has just accepted an invitation to join us that night instead.

I’m also really happy to announce that we’re also going to incorporate a benefit for the Japanese Red Cross into this special evening.

The inspiration came to me on Sunday night, when many of us in the Davis workshop started talking about Dave Eggers’ (novelized third-person account of Katrina) Zeitoun while we were still shaking from the first wave of news about the earthquake. When Brenda contacted me a few days later about having to cancel, the opportunity became clear.

In addition to taking our questions, reading selections from her memoir, and signing copies, Dalby, whose work as both anthropologist and writer has always had Japan at its center, will be presenting a visual program about her experience in Japan and the writing of East Wind Melts the Ice.

I will collect donations for our benefitting organization on the evening of the event (more details as the date approaches), and will personally gift every person who makes a donation that evening of $100 or more a hand-bound, chiyogami-covered, hardback journal of their choice from my most recent line of Open Books. Because: I can, and why not.

We’ll be structuring the evening in the same manner that we did our kickoff event in October, with an organized (and outrageously amazing) group dinner at 6 PM and discussion and a reading from 7-9 or 9:30 PM. Anne Hoffmann will be our host for the evening, which means that if this rain has cleared up by then, we’ll also get to spend our May Day evening enjoying her lovely backyard and its incredible views. From any angle, this event is something to look forward to.

Not signed up yet? Anyone who has been in one of my creative nonfiction workshops past or present is welcome to register for the event – just drop me an email and we’ll get you squared away.


3 thoughts on “A change in plans, or: an evenings-with-our-authors benefit for Japan with Liza Dalby”

  1. Hi, Rae! I’d like to come to this event — sounds fantastic. But, I probably won’t be able to make it by 6:00 — possibly 6:30.

    Thanks, Jeanine

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