In this month’s issue of The Vine…

Spring is finally here!

And in the April issue of The Vine, the publication of the Davis Food Co-op (which I’ve written a column for since 2007), two pieces that might be of interest to you, dear readers:

First, a short piece I wrote on Davis author Brenda Nakamoto’s memoir, Peach Farmer’s Daughter, which will be released by Sacramento’s Roan Press later this month (see pp. 4-5), and

Second, a piece on yours truly in the “The Co-op Beyond the Co-op” series (see p. 10). I’m so honored to have been chosen for this month’s spotlight – and moved by the experience of articulating how I came to be where I am at this moment as a teacher, writer, and member of my community. Thanks, Kathy, for putting the piece together, and Melanie for volunteering my name in the first place.

I’ve enjoyed writing my column for The Vine tremendously these last four years – it’s given me an opportunity to essay about food, food movements, cooking, seasonal issues, the local terroir, and life in my community (some of my favorite subjects), and I enjoy getting lots of responses via email each time a new issue comes out. The DFC is at the heart of how I understand and live in Davis, so it’s especially great to be able to contribute to the co-op experience by writing for Davis’ “second newspaper.” (Later today, I have a piece due relating to a book I’m reviewing and these snails that are currently living in my kitchen…)

*One last note: lots of folks have begun asking when I’m going to officially open registration for my spring/summer sessions of my Creative Nonfiction workshops in Davis and Sacramento. The answer is: soon! I’m waiting on an outside detail to fall (or not fall) into place that would affect scheduling, and promise to begin taking registrations within the week, the very minute it’s settled. I’ll post here when registration is officially open. If you’d like to receive that announcement directly to your inbox instead of having to check back, you might sign up for an email subscription (if you’re not already a subscriber) – see the subscription widget at right.

Enjoy the sun, everyone!


3 thoughts on “In this month’s issue of The Vine…”

  1. Rae, this is fantastic. I LOVED attending her father’s readings but didn’t know she was a writer, too! Will have to check out Brenda’s book.

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