Tuscaloosa, & an Open Books fundraiser

Tuscaloosa might be 2200 miles from the Central Valley, but the storms on April 27 hit extremely close to home. I got the news in a message I picked up from one of my closest friends right as I was leaving my Wednesday night workshop at SPC that night: she was alright, but Alabama had been knocked beyond the place words could go.

The lump in my throat hasn’t come unknotted yet.

While I intend for this blog to focus on our local writing world, it seems appropriate to stop and note here that many (including an enormously rich community of writers and artists) in the southeast could use our attention and help.

If you feel inclined to visit with some writing about and from Tuscaloosa, you might check out The Offending Adam’s Tuscaloosa Issue online.

The University of Alabama’s Crimson White provides student-written coverage of storm recovery efforts.

If you’d like to donate to the recovery, two options include:

The Druid City Garden Project, which works to build a sustainable food system in Tuscaloosa.

Give Tuscaloosa, a no-overhead office set up by the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce.

In the wake of the storm, I’m hosting a (virtual) Open Books fundraiser. 100% of the profits from the sales of my handbound, hardback writing journals will go to The Druid City Garden Project. They’re (as always) $33 apiece or 3/$90. There’s no sale date or location – just send me a message if you’d like to make some journals yours, and we’ll figure out the details (…and yes, shipping is an option for those of you outside the Central Valley). The sale will run until I’m out of books. Please spread the word to your friends and family – I want to rehome every last one.


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