More nice.

It’s nice when a friend emails you to tell you they noticed you were a finalist for something, and you had no idea, and it happened awhile ago while you were completely out to lunch and the editors never mentioned anything. It seems to happen pretty frequently to writers – folks find out they got honorable mentions for Best Americans or were nominated for Pushcarts long after the fact all the time. I actually prefer *not* knowing I’m a finalist for something – something that’s being tested for me right now (actually, generally perpetually for the last two years) as my manuscript is a finalist (again) for a first book prize that won’t be decided until the end of the summer. What shall I do in the interim? Eat papaya. Go surfing. Write stuff. Learn which dipper is which. I’ve got a list.

Thanks to Michelle Tea and the editors at Enizagam for the shoutout. I’m looking forward to seeing the issue.


4 thoughts on “More nice.”

  1. Finality (i.e., the state of being a finalist) is all very well & good. But prizes are even better. Can’t wait to celebrate with you one day soon. Meanwhile, happy writing & star-gazing. (I think one of the dippers is bigger than the other.)

  2. Dear Rae,
    The significance of knowing about the dippers is in direct relationship to
    the ‘scoop’ of icecream, or fruit or chocolate dip that is acquired by my handling
    of the dipper.
    I refer to the terrestrial sort of dipper because that’s a tool I can get a handle on, otherwise the celestial kind of dipper is beyond me… like can’t deal with dipper until I get my hands on it. I can only admire or even consider the dipper from afar and perhaps even hope to receive a dipper. It’s something to reach for … and that’s what makes one dipper or another interesting.

    Ralph: one who seeks to find the dipper, great or small

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