Postcards from California

It’s summertime, and the living is… as action-packed as ever. All I can say is that when I’m working this hard, I’m awfully happy to find myself in California, where (even though I’ve been here for eight years) my east-coast-native self always feels a little bit like I’m on vacation.

Which brings me to postcards. Here are two I’m enjoying this morning:

First, the new “California Sketches” column in the Sacramento Bee. Conceived, pitched, written, and masterfully illustrated by the incredible Sacramento artist-and-writer Stephanie Taylor, who’s been in my Creative Nonfiction workshop for the last couple years, this new feature creates an impressive space in local journalism for meditations on local history and landscape. (And man am I in love with those watercolors!) Congratulations, Stevie, on this inspired new project. (To learn more about the life of these sketches, visit Stevie’s blog.)

Secondly, if you can find three minutes to break from your day, I imagine you’ll enjoy this clip of the delightful Brenda Nakamoto reading from Peach Farmer’s Daughter. (I look forward to the day when technology catches up to my imagination, and it’s possible to send actual, concrete postcards featuring video of authors reading from their work. I’d carry a big stack of them around with me constantly!)

In other news: I’m looking forward to sharing some major announcements next week. (Tune back in. It’s debatable whether I’ll be throwing confetti in the air, but I do have a bottle of cava at the ready…)

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!



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