The Best New Poets 2011 Final Fifty…

I’m thrilled to announce that D. A. Powell has selected my poem “Ice Plant” for inclusion in the 2011 volume of Best New Poets. “Ice Plant” was originally published in Bateau last year, picked up by Verse Daily, and featured on Verse Daily‘s Best of 2010 list last January.

BNP 2011 will be released in November, basically simultaneously with the release of Open Winter. “Ice Plant” is the penultimate poem in the collection. (The final poem in the collection, “January,” first appeared in American Poetry Review and was selected by Kim Addonizio for BNP 2009: this is my second inclusion in the series.)

D.A. Powell has long been one of my favorite poets, and I could not be more honored by his selection. I look forward to getting to know the work of my fellow ‘Final Fifty’ (read their biographies here) and hopefully reading with some of them this fall.


8 thoughts on “The Best New Poets 2011 Final Fifty…”

  1. Adding my congrats, Rae! What an honor! I look forward to purchasing that volume in November. It’s great that you’re being so well published and recognized. Bravo!

  2. All congrats, Rae. Just yesterday, I read a Powell article in an older Am. Poetry Review. What an honor – deserved, of course. The stars must be smiling in your direction these days. And you continue to be an inspiration to your students.

  3. Thank you for sharing…I enjoyed the biographies of the “final 50”. I picked up my portfolio from CCNP yesterday and enjoyed your comments, as usual. Happy tomato and watermelon eating season to you

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