Sad news for a local writing community…

I’m sad to announce that the Writer-in-Residence program at Cache Creek Nature Preserve, which has brought intensive, generative poetry workshops to Central Valley writers free of cost for the last nine years, and which I have directed since 2005, has lost its funding and is going on indefinite hiatus effective as of this announcement. The Preserve’s Executive Director and I have worked closely over the last six months to apply to a wide range of external funding sources to support our anticipated tenth anniversary season, but that funding has not materialized, and the Preserve’s current operating budget does not have a margin in it wide enough to assume the cost of the program. I will continue to apply for grants to support the return of the program after this year, and will keep the CCNP writing community abreast of any developments here at the blog, so I encourage you to stay tuned for future information.

In the meantime, I send my best wishes to all of the Preserve’s 100+ poets of the last nine years, and encourage them to join other area workshops and creative communities that feed new work and new connections. The landscape you call home is still here waiting for you to listen. The conversation we’ve been having for so long is still alive and well. Poetry creates itself; let’s remember that and honor the impulse to follow its thread. Onward, all.


8 thoughts on “Sad news for a local writing community…”

  1. Rae, I have such great memories of our time at the Preserve and feel so lucky to have been a part of it. This is really sad news.

  2. This is only a temporary bump in the road… I have faith in the value of a great idea.
    Thanks for letting us know so we can renew our commitment to writing poetry.

  3. Thursday mornings at the Preserve with you and all the other poets and writers and artists were wonderful. Something so unique and valuable has to return.

  4. This is sad news indeed. I enjoyed programs at the preserve with two writers-in-residence. What a loss for the local writing community. Fortunately the community is still going strong in its various other guises.

  5. Rae, I am so very sorry to here this news! I will keep a good thought for the funding to allow this great, collaborative work to continue. I hope you are proud of the 9 years. :<)

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