The One Pause Poetry mp3 project debuts!

I could not be more delighted to share the news that the One Pause Poetry mp3 project, a national digital resource for teachers, students, readers, and listeners, has finally gone live this past week! The online archive catalogs recordings of poets reading their own work, work by other poets they admire, and work they think would be interesting to kids–it’s a great grab bag of delights.

I was invited to participate this past fall by Sarah Messer, a poet whose work I have admired for over a decade, and am particularly looking forward to stealing moments here and there over the coming months to enjoy delving into the archive as it grows. Sarah, thanks so much for all you’ve done to make this project available to the public! I can’t wait to come back to Ann Arbor and read for One Pause Poetry at Copper Colored Mountain Arts this fall.

Curious about CCMA? Click here.


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