Keywords: a new workshop for queer & trans teen writers in Sacramento

I’m happy to announce that beginning in January 2013 I’ll be directing the new Keywords workshop at the Sacramento Gay & Lesbian Center–a workshop born entirely out of the spirit of service, open to all teens in the queer & trans communities who’d like to explore creative writing in good company (under the mentorship of someone who started writing seriously as a teenager) and see their best work in print in a year-end program anthology.

I’m hiring an (unpaid) intern to serve as a program assistant for some of the arms of this new project. If the idea of getting involved resonates with you, consider whether you or someone you know would like to gain some experience in 1) program management, 2) classroom management (depending on interest), 3) editing/production/publication, and 4) grantwriting for community programs in arts & education. Formal requirements: stellar written communication, familiarity with/interest in the community of living queer & trans authors, wheels, respect for deadlines, the ability to meet in person on occasion in greater Sacramento (most hours will be self-set), and a six-month commitment to start. Preference will be given to those with experience working with community programs in arts or social services and who groove with one or more letters in the LGBQTIP alphabet. Shoot me an email containing a single paragraph of ten sentences or less by Friday, November 23rd telling me 1) why serving this program would be of personal/professional value to you and 2) what skills of yours you’re most eager to develop or put to work. No attachments, resumés, recs, etc, please.

Keywords will begin meeting in January 2013, and will run in eight-week renewable cycles on Wednesday afternoons at the Center. More details as they come under the new “Keywords” tab on the PROGRAMS menu here on the blog.


One thought on “Keywords: a new workshop for queer & trans teen writers in Sacramento”

  1. Rae,

    What a great thing for you to do. Hope it goes well.

    Also–an hour ago, I thought of a title for my French piece:

    “ooh la la–heat”

    Things may look different in the morning, but right now I think it is the kind of title the Times likes for travel pieces. Thanks for reading the whole thing over.


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