IMG_4021It’s been quiet here on the blog lately–I’m busy writing and teaching five classes, including the new online workshop I started this winter, and working on two books–but before it got any closer to spring I wanted to announce that I’ll finally (and happily) be teaching an evening workshop for poets locally this spring.

(Yes, it’s true!)

Introducing: my new MASTER WORKSHOP FOR POETS.

This workshop is designed for intermediate and advanced poets who have stopped growing, who know what to expect from their poems before they’re written, who seek exposure to a broader range of poetics and a broader spectrum of ideas about what the poem can do, who are eager to have their approaches recognized and mentored (and simultaneously hungry to be pushed to consider new areas of inquiry and creative risk), and who are mature enough to engage work that may be vastly different from their own in form, content, or message. If you’ve been working in verse for at least a couple of years and you feel called to seek community with other poets for whom this work is essential, this is your space. As with all my workshops, what you’ll find here is a mentoring style that has developed from more than a decade of teaching, editing, publishing, and judging experience–one that is supportive and encouraging, but that will foster direct contact with the edge of your relationship with language.

We will meet Monday evenings, April 15—July 29 (16 weeks), 7-9 PM, in a private home in West Davis. There will be no assigned reading outside of class, but there will be a steady stream of exercises every week for the duration of the workshop. Participants will workshop a new poem about every other week, but will have new poems due to the group every week for informal comment.

Enrollment: 8, by application.

To apply for a spot (and get all the rest of the details), email 5 poems (no more than 5 pages) as a single attachment (.doc, .docx, or PDF) to rgouirand [at] gmail [dot] com before March 15, 2013. Formal registration will open immediately after acceptances have been confirmed.

To spring!


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