Fall sessions of CREATIVE NONFICTION and the MASTER WORKSHOP FOR POETS now open for registration!

Hello, all!

The fall sessions of CREATIVE NONFICTION and my new MASTER WORKSHOP FOR POETS are now both officially open for registration.

The fall session of my long-term, ongoing CREATIVE NONFICTION workshop will serve as a part II/sequel to this summer’s session on short forms. You do not need to have been with us this summer to register, however: where we read across short-form essays, prose poetry, and flash fictions this summer, we’ll be focusing exclusively on short essays in the fall. The upcoming session will provide you with regular deadlines for new writing (about every other week), and the structure to develop a variety of very short works or longer pieces one stretch at a time. Wednesday nights 7-9 PM, September 11–December 18 in Sacramento.

Come September, my new MASTER WORKSHOP FOR POETS will move from Monday evenings to Tuesday evenings. This is a deeply generative workshop: we write brand-new poems every single week, and share drafts with great frequency, which means you can expect a real acceleration of your creative growth, and in all likelihood some transformation of your creative process. The group is capped and intimate; only a couple of open spots are available for new poets. Meets Tuesday nights 6-8 PM, September 10–December 17  in Davis.

If you’d like to request the registration form for either workshop, or if you have any questions about how we roll that aren’t answered on the programs’ pages here on the blog, just drop me an email (at rgouirand@gmail.com). The early registration deadline for both workshops is August 30th. I’m in Hawaii and southern California for the next six weeks getting some big work done in paradise–see you on the other side!


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