Upcoming sessions of CREATIVE NONFICTION, the MASTER WORKSHOP FOR POETS, and SCRIBE LAB now open for registration!

IMG_0576Hello, all!

It’s a huge triple-announcement I have today: the upcoming winter/spring sessions of my CREATIVE NONFICTION workshop in Sacramento, the MASTER WORKSHOP FOR POETS in Davis, and my online cross-genre writing lab, SCRIBE LAB, are *all* officially open for registration.

The upcoming session of my long-term, ongoing CREATIVE NONFICTION workshop will mark a departure from our recent focus on short forms and offer us the opportunity to focus on longer works that complicate and deepen the field of creative nonfiction and the ever-slippery terrain of that wondrous beast we call the lyric essay. The upcoming session, like all that have preceded it in this workshop’s *ten-year* history, will provide regular deadlines for new writing and the structure to develop a variety of shorter works or longer pieces one stretch at a time, depending on your particular interests. If you’re curious, here are some more details about how we roll. Meets Wednesday nights 7-9 PM, January 8–April 23 in Sacramento. (I hope to be able to present an Evenings With Our Authors event this spring to correspond with this session, and will share news about that when I can.)

The MASTER WORKSHOP FOR POETS is my newest offering but has already proven itself to be the most resonant circle of women poets of which I’ve ever been a part. Set in motion last spring after many local requests that I create such a group, this is a deeply generative workshop: we write brand-new poems every single week, and share drafts with great frequency, which means that you can expect a real acceleration of your creative growth, and in all likelihood some significant transformation of your creative process–as well as a great opportunity to bend your own zones of resistance. The group is capped and intimate; only a couple of open spots may be available for new poets. More details are available here. Meets Tuesday nights 6-8 PM, January 7–April 22 in Davis.

SCRIBE LAB, my online cross-genre offering, is a hearty, dynamic space for writers all over the world to join hands, dig in, and make major progress either on existing projects or in new explorations in any genre. Designed to meet the needs of those for whom online community is the most sustainable and necessary form of support for new writing, this group operates a bit like a virtual residency of sorts, with monthly discussions, assignments, and intensive feedback structuring our community. All our interactions take place on a secure, password-protected group site, and virtual ‘writing dates’ help participants to form deeper connections to both one another as well as their own processes over longer, six-month-long stretches. For more details, see this page. Doors open January 1st; the upcoming session lasts through the end of June.

If you want to dive deep with any of these groups this year, I’d love to have you–drop me an email at rgouirand@gmail.com to request the registration information for any of these programs (just remember to specify which!). The early registration deadline in all cases is December 20th.

All best to everyone! Happy Thanksgiving.


One thought on “Upcoming sessions of CREATIVE NONFICTION, the MASTER WORKSHOP FOR POETS, and SCRIBE LAB now open for registration!”

  1. I guess I’m late to the party. I just learned about your website when I googled Kate Washington’s essay Marrow. If I could learn to write like that, please sign me up. I registered for your newsletter, so maybe I’ll learn about future CNF opportunities.

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