Fall 2014 preview

IMG_1009I’m spending my morning today hammering out my plans for the fall, and I’m excited to put it out there that starting in September (following many requests to this effect over the last few years…) I will begin taking on individual clients for intensive six-to-twelve-month-long periods of manuscript development and creative coaching. If binding, one-on-one accountability and the attention of a mentor-reader who doesn’t flinch are the keys to getting you where you want to be with your writing project, drop me a line at rgouirand [at] gmail [dot] com to chat. I’ll be releasing official details next month, but if you want this to be the year that you will see your book on the outside of your body and your writing at the center of your life, be in touch–we should talk.

Also coming in fall: new sessions of Creative Nonfiction and the Master Workshop for Poets in Sacramento and Davis, a couple of daylong basic bookbinding workshops (for an excuse to make pretty things and hang out and eat pie together), and an Evenings With Our Authors event with Wendy C. Ortiz! Stay tuned for details on everything in August.


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