New interview, new work, registration opening soon

IMG_1381Hi, all. Just a quick hello to share some things you might like, since you sometimes ask:

an interview I did for the YOU MAKE ME FEEL series over at Entropy that just went up yesterday (if you enjoy it, you might enjoy some of the other interviews that I’ve catalogued here under the TALK tab),

–some links to sites where you can order issues of journals where my work has appeared recently in print, including the October 2014 issue of Adrienne, issue 3 of the Pacifica Literary Review, and the summer issue of The Southampton Review, and well as

–links to some online journals and magazines where my work has recently appeared: like in the special All Accounts and Mixture issue of CutBank and the special Great Lakes Poets issue of Glass: A Journal of Poetry, over at Hobart (two poems + another two poems), in The Inflectionist Review (which ran a portfolio and interview last spring, see issue 2, and whose editors nominated me for both a Pushcart and a Best of the Net award this year–thanks, y’all!), at the Journal of Compressed Creative Arts (whose editors also nominated me for a Pushcart this year–thanks to them too!), over at The Rumpus as part of their National Poetry Month series, and over at the ever-sweet Sweet,

–and a note that in the coming weeks and months you’ll also be able to find my new work in forthcoming print issues of BLOOM, the Georgetown Review (sadly, in the last issue the journal will publish), The HatVOLT, and Zyzzyva (that issue should be out any minute now), and online over at the California Journal of Poetics.

That’s a lot of new poems in a lot of new places! It’s been kind of a year.

I’ll be opening registration for the winter sessions of all my workshops in the next few days: I am busy making a ton of final decisions right now. Back soon.

In gratitude to all of you on all thanksgivings,



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