It only happens twice a year (and this time it’s a special session!): SCRIBE LAB open for registration

IMG_2234 Happy summer, writers!

I could not be more excited to announce that the sixth session of SCRIBE LAB, my online cross-genre offering, is officially open for registration.

SCRIBE LAB is a hearty, dynamic space for writers all over the world to join hands, dig in, and make major progress either on existing projects or in new explorations in any genre. Designed to meet the needs of those for whom online community is the most sustainable and necessary form of support for new writing, this group operates a bit like an online workshop and a bit like a virtual residency of sorts, with monthly discussions, readings and writing exercises, and intensive feedback structuring our community, and lots and lots of mutual work hum in the air.

All our interactions take place on a secure, password-protected group site, and virtual writing dates help participants to form deeper connections to both one another as well as their own processes over longer, six-month-long stretches. The vision for this lab was born out of my desire to offer an intensive workshop that could accommodate those who were writing hard across all forms (and potentially across notions of form), who might not find themselves quite at home in traditional or short workshops, and who might have their hands in several different writing projects at once and have special need for longer-term readings and feedback. The community is rich, wild, and full of conversation about voice and process; some writers work close to the monthly labs and exercises and others completely independently of them. We keep going, together, month after month–and it shows.

In the next session we’re embarking upon a pretty tasty adventure together–reading and working alongside the extraordinary ART OF series published by Graywolf Press. By special arrangement with Graywolf, writers in the upcoming session will be able to obtain the entire series at a nice discount—$100 for all ten volumes, priority shipping included. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, you should absolutely check it out–it’s the only series like it out there, and I have long wanted to structure a whole workshop around it (because who wouldn’t want to think about the art of syntax, the art of subtext, the art of daring, the art of attention, the art of recklessness?–and those are only half the titles!). As in all previous sessions of SCRIBE LAB, I’ll be framing our reading and writing projects from a cross-genre perspective, so that no matter what you’re working on at any given moment, you’ll find lots to chew on for both the short and long term.

This will be the only chance to jump into SCRIBE LAB for the remainder of 2015, as this next six-month long session will run from July 1st clear through to the end of the year. If you’d like to register please drop me an email at rgouirand [at] gmail [dot] com to request the registration information (or to chat about whether the lab would be a good fit for you, if we haven’t already discussed it).

For more details about how we operate, or to read what writers in the lab have said about how we work together, see this page–these folks will tell you everything you need to know. Cheers!


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