Reading with Amanda Hawkins + K.M. English for The Other Voice this Friday

Other Voice Sep 2015

Hello, all!

A little over a year ago, over coffee one afternoon, a master life coach who just happens to be an ongoing student in one of my local workshops told me that I needed to start offering intensive one-on-one coaching for writers. Just laid it out there.

So I did—literally as soon as I started thinking about what that would look like, writers started asking me to work with them one-on-one.

Including two writers who wanted to draft manuscripts the very first test-strains of which gave me full-body YES, RAE, THIS, THIS reactions.

I said no to a bunch of others, and yes to those two, and together we dove in as hard as you could ever imagine diving. The rest is now history: as of last week both of them are now walking through the world with full working drafts of manuscripts that were just ideas nine months ago.

This Friday night, the three of us are reading together for The Other Voice to celebrate.

This will likely be the only reading I’ll do near home this year (concentrating on my third and fourth books for a bit…), and this will be a valley-reading-debut for both of my co-readers. Please come out, and bring everyone you know who could use a vision of what FOLLOW THROUGH looks like—it’s a really special occasion for all of us, this having DONE it, and it would mean the world to see you there.

Look for us in the library of the Unitarian Universalist Church at 27074 Patwin Road in Davis, this Friday night at 7:30 PM.

(Also, would you just look at the cuteness of this flier one of the coordinators made. Gah.)


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