One-on-one work in 2016


IMG_2379   Happy fall, everyone!

Yes, it’s almost time for me to open the winter workshops for registration (look for another announcement on the other side of Thanksgiving), but first–

I’m officially inviting inquiries from writers who are interested in pursuing one-on-one manuscript coaching with me in 2016.

I offer coaching to a limited number of clients who want to draft, develop, or finish a book in a finite period of time, in partnership with a single mentor/reader who will hold them accountable for showing up and following through. Following an initial dialogue about where we’re starting from, I work with my coaching clients to forge clear working agreements that support both the process and the pages themselves. Those agreements can look many different ways, depending on the client’s needs, goals, and location.

Setting up an effective agreement is key to the success of this kind of work, and it takes time: if you’d like to start coaching in January (when my contracts for 2016 go into effect), drop me an email ASAP at rgouirand at gmail dot com to request my questionnaire for prospective coaching clients. It will help you gauge your readiness for a commitment like manuscript coaching and begin imagining what that process could look like (and result in) for you.

For more info and to read what others have said about their experiences working with me this way, see my One on One page.



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