Winter/spring sessions of CREATIVE NONFICTION and the online, cross-genre SCRIBE LAB now open for registration!


Hello, all!

It’s time for me to make the biggest announcement of the year: the upcoming winter/spring sessions of my CREATIVE NONFICTION workshop (both sections, in Davis and Sacramento), and my online, cross-genre SCRIBE LAB are officially open for registration as of this morning.

The upcoming session of my long-term, ongoing CREATIVE NONFICTION workshop will map a variety of approaches to building standalone essays and longer nonfiction projects from the day-to-day: if you have ever felt an affinity for journaling or been fascinated by the literary life of the diary, this is the session that will deliver your dream reading list. Like all preceding sessions in this workshop’s twelve-year history, the winter/spring 2016 session will provide regular deadlines and inspirations for new writing, the structure to develop a variety of shorter works (or longer pieces, one stretch at a time) and lots of feedback to support your project(s) moving forward, clear through the spring… and there’s an Evenings With Our Authors event with Pam Houston built into the session to look forward to in April! If you’re curious, here are some more details about how we roll, and some words from past participants that will give you a sense of what this community feels like. The Sacramento section meets Wednesday nights 6:30—8:30 PM, January 6—April 27; the Davis section Tuesday nights 6:30—8:30 PM, January 5—April 26.

SCRIBE LAB, my online, cross-genre offering, is a hearty, dynamic space for writers all over the world to join hands, dive in, and make major progress either on existing projects or in new explorations in any genre. Designed to meet the needs of those for whom online community is the most sustainable and necessary form of support for new writing, this group operates a little bit like a virtual residency of sorts, with monthly ‘labs’ (which offer pushes for your content, form, and process, and which are written to the pulse of the group), hard monthly due dates to support the making of new pages, and intensive feedback structuring our community. All our interactions take place on a secure, password-protected group site, and virtual ‘writing dates’ help participants to form deeper connections to one another and their own visions for their work over longer, six-month-long stretches. There is nothing else like it out there. For more details, and to check out what past participants have to say, see this page. The doors open January 1st, and the upcoming session lasts clear through the end of June.

If you want to jump in with us, I’d love to have you: just drop me an email at if you have questions or if you need to request the registration form for either of these programs—just remember to specify which. Please note two things: the registration deadline is earlier than it used to be (Friday, December 18th), and I sincerely do not recommend waiting until the last minute to register. Both of these groups regularly fill well in advance of the registration deadline.

(Wondering where the Master Workshop for Poets has gone? Answer: underground. Email me directly for information.)

All my very very best to all of you—it’s been a gorgeous and incredibly rewarding fall on my end, and I am really looking forward to a new year spent with you and your pages!


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