(A really, really special) summer session of CREATIVE NONFICTION open for registration in Davis and Sacramento

Dear writers!   IMG_3009

The upcoming summer session of my CREATIVE NONFICTION workshop is officially open for registration–and it’s going to be an exceptional one.

In celebration of Graywolf Press’ recent publication of the third and final volume in John D’Agata’s A New History of the Essay series, we will be reading and working through all three groundbreaking anthologies together this summer. If you have ever wanted to immerse yourself intensively in the essay—in questions of its roots, its evolution, what it reveals about the human capacity for expansion and experimentation, what it has to do with why you are writing right now—this is your session. (Owing to a special arrangement I’ve made with Graywolf Press, you’ll be able to order the complete series directly from Graywolf at a substantial discount, shipped to your door free of charge.)

Expect to have your mind blown. It will be. Anyone who is familiar with John D’Agata’s work, or who met him when I brought him to Davis to launch the Evenings With Our Authors series in 2010, already knows so.

Another reason this session is going to be uber-special: if you’re one of the writers who was praying that we’d get Wendy C. Ortiz to come back for Evenings With Our Authors… you’re going to get your wish on that front. She’s coming to do a Saturday-night EWOA with us on June 11th that’s built right into the session.

Yes, I know that many people hit the road at some point in the summertime—but this session will be especially workable for those who know they’ll be missing a couple of weeks: not only will it run longer than usual, but during this session I’ll be sending out weekly digests with the regular exercises and supplementary thoughts on the reading, so that no matter where in the world you are, you’ll be in the loop.

This time around, that loop is going to be WILD.

The Davis section meets Tuesday nights from 6:30—8:30 PM, May 10—August 30.

The Sacramento section meets Wednesday nights from 6:30–8:30 PM, May 11—August 31.

Interested in jumping in? Drop me an email at rgouirand@gmail.com to request the registration form, which covers all the rest of the details. The early-bird registration deadline (which is an in-my-hands deadline, not a postmark deadline) is Friday, April 29th. Early registration is *strongly* encouraged (in part because the session will have a reading week built in in the first week of May).

Happy spring, everyone–I hope wherever you are today that it’s exactly where you most want to be.


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