What one-on-one looks like

These are self-portraits of the five writers who are writing books with me in 2016.

Two of them are writing memoirs, one of them a hybrid biography, one of them a collection of poems, and one of them is actually working on two books simultaneously–a novel and a collection of short stories.


It just so happens that all five are women writers living somewhere in California.

None of them know each others’ names, but each of them know that they’re part of a tribe of five, and that their new pages are due to my inbox every Monday morning by 9 AM sharp, and that our commitments to each other are absolute.

So far, between the five of them, they’ve written about 1500 pages since the beginning of the year.

Just look at them.

I do not yet know whether I will have any openings for additional/new one-on-one clients in the second half of 2016, but if you’ve been thinking about doing this kind of work with me, you might want to check out this page and drop me an email sometime in the next month or so.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone.




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