Winter/spring sessions of CREATIVE NONFICTION now open for registration

I’m happy to announce that the winter/spring sessions of my private Creative Nonfiction workshops are officially open for registration.

The four-month-long sessions will run January 7-April 22 (Monday evenings, from 6-8 PM) in Napa, and January 9-April 24 (Wednesday evenings, from 7-9 PM) in Sacramento.

CNF is a weekly, year-round workshop that provides area writers with the chance to build and sustain readerships attuned to longer-term conversations about new work at any stag–and to keep you writing your way forward in close-knit community, week after week, in conversation with living literature. We read the very best creative nonfiction being published today, practice workshopping in a way that is generous, supportive, and focused on the writer’s goals, and take home a wide variety of writing exercises to fuel us during the week and inspire our sense of possibility. Many in this workshop joined years ago and have used its structure to develop book-length memoir projects, but the group is open to writers who identify as beginning essayists and would like to find support for exploring their writing lives one piece at a time. We make room to explore the many intersections of poetry and prose, lyric and argument, story and truth, investigation and meditation, and the personal and the universal in our thinking about this genre, and are open to those who work primarily in other genres, since the concerns of the essay have such impressive reaches. A diverse crowd of professors, therapists, artists, lawyers, journalists, historians, parents, knitters, foodies, scientists, and other fantastic people, we come together each week to invest in the development of our voices and visions… and to enjoy some really, really incredible writing.

If you’d like to register, drop me an email at rgouirand (at) gmail (dot) com to request the official registration form for either Mondays in Napa or Wednesdays in Sacramento (please specify which). Registrations will be accepted in the order in which they are received, and the course fee (which is discounted during the early registration period through December 19th) is due at the time of registration. Space is limited; early registration is strongly encouraged in all cases and for both locations. The reading list for the winter session will be announced after early registration has closed and registrations have been confirmed.

If you’re curious about how we operate, feel free to drop me an email and introduce yourself–I’m more than happy to answer questions. Here’s to a long and fruitful winter(-into-spring) in the company of incredible writers and their incredible new work!

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